Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Been a While

In fact, it's been so long, Blogger went and changed their format so the dashboard looks very similar to Wordpress (once I remembered my sign-in, that is).

It has been an interesting couple of months.  I got a new, 3rd job to go along with the two I already had.  The two I already had were fitness jobs (that I have done for the past 16+ years) and I was so hoping I wouldn't have to quit those.  I love my older folks and the group is so spectacular to work with.  It took a while but I found a job that is completely unrelated to fitness but is just as physically demanding.  I could not work behind a desk for 8 straight hours, even if you paid me :).

The new job is working in a flower shop that is attached to a high end boutique.  It's in downtown Frederick so I can walk to that job as well.  I work on the flower shop side and will be learning how to make bouquets on demand for customers as well as boutonnieres, bouquets and centerpieces for weddings etc...I have already done some things that were incorporated into various parties and weddings and as far as I know, no one has complained at their amateurishness.  My boss is pretty demanding in that anything not up to par would be re-done anyways.

My oldest daughter has been living with me since her discharge from the army.  She started a new job last month and is starting to look for an apartment.  I've told her there is no rush and that she can take her time to find a nice, safe place to live.  We spent the day yesterday in DC after looking at a promising apartment in NW, then found some nice dive bars amongst the ritzy hotels of Dupont Circle to chill in for lunch and cocktails.  Fun times.

I'm continuing to meet some very interesting people and am slowly learning how to trust people (or at least whom not to trust).  I've been burned once since my divorce and I am learning how not to make that same mistake.  I've made it a priority to nurture the friendships I've made with women.  It's interesting.  Women in our forties are just not as bitchy to each other as women in our 20's.  Well, I should say, I've learned to spot the bitches and steer clear of them.  I feel strong and confident.  More so than I have ever felt in my entire life.