Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Water's Fine

I have spent quite a few years of my life trying to be a collector of this or that.  Usually it starts with gusto and then comes to a fizzling hissssss...

Case in point (long time readers of the other blog may even remember this).  My painted birdhouse collection.

Last I saw of them, they were in a picture on top of a soon to be aflame bonfire.  Peach of a man I divorced, no?  What did I expect from a man who gave away all my clothes though, really.

I have also tried to be a hobbyist of some sort.  Gardening was a way of life that I suppose could be called a hobby.  I have over the years attempted candle making, latch hooking, crossword puzzling (and really, all the puzzles are just what I do for sanity so I don't call them hobbies.)

A few weeks ago though, I made beer with my best friend Mike from the hops we grew on his brother's farm.  Now really, what can be better than combining a hobby (growing) with a collection (er, empties on my counter?)?  And so it went!  And it was spectacular.  We made 6 cases and will now home brew smaller batches with the knowledge that we gleaned from the experts at the local help-you-brew place.

And I am thinking I may want to try and make wine now.  Anyways, a tiny spark has been lit.

Friday, September 7, 2012

So, How Are You?

I have a new post, all written and ready to go and for the first time in my life I am holding back on publishing it.  I need to make sure all my facts are straight, lest I hurt one of the ones I love the most.  I may just get enough satisfaction in the writing of it.

So I have this new job and have been busy there.  No news on the relationship/love life but that's OK.  I'm no where near ready for that.  I need to one day assume not all men are assholes but I am no where near ready to admit that.

Next Thursday the 13th I turn 50.  50.  Fifty.  Fif-ty.  5-0.


I am definitely NOT my mother's 50.

I feel good.  Based on the many comments that people love to give over the course of a day, I think I look good.

At least my hair isn't falling out from stress.

Speaking of hair...I lost my hair virginity last week.  Did I tell you about this lovely conversation with my Mother?  I think I may have.

Her: Let me know when you get those highlights.
Me: Mom, what highlights?
Her: I though you said you were getting highlights in your hair?
Me: No, I never said that!
Her: Well, you need to decorate the bait!
As if I...need, er...help from my Moth...OK I DID IT!

I admit it and also I did not do it to cast bait to reel anyone in but I really do like it and the reaction from people has been varied from "you look so well rested after your trip to the lake" or "have you lost weight?"  A couple streaks of blond hair is so fucking powerful!