Friday, September 7, 2012

So, How Are You?

I have a new post, all written and ready to go and for the first time in my life I am holding back on publishing it.  I need to make sure all my facts are straight, lest I hurt one of the ones I love the most.  I may just get enough satisfaction in the writing of it.

So I have this new job and have been busy there.  No news on the relationship/love life but that's OK.  I'm no where near ready for that.  I need to one day assume not all men are assholes but I am no where near ready to admit that.

Next Thursday the 13th I turn 50.  50.  Fifty.  Fif-ty.  5-0.


I am definitely NOT my mother's 50.

I feel good.  Based on the many comments that people love to give over the course of a day, I think I look good.

At least my hair isn't falling out from stress.

Speaking of hair...I lost my hair virginity last week.  Did I tell you about this lovely conversation with my Mother?  I think I may have.

Her: Let me know when you get those highlights.
Me: Mom, what highlights?
Her: I though you said you were getting highlights in your hair?
Me: No, I never said that!
Her: Well, you need to decorate the bait!
As if I...need, from my Moth...OK I DID IT!

I admit it and also I did not do it to cast bait to reel anyone in but I really do like it and the reaction from people has been varied from "you look so well rested after your trip to the lake" or "have you lost weight?"  A couple streaks of blond hair is so fucking powerful!


  1. This post made me laugh twice. Once in the second paragraph and once in the last. Sounds like you are doing well. And that's awesome.

  2. I am doing so much better. Thanks Frog!