Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things Happen Along The Way

I had so much momentum after that last post. I was ready to go crazy and tell all and then...lightning strikes. I don't recommend having a conversation at work that goes something like this:

Me: I have had satellite internet for the past 10 years and so I know to shut everything down when a storm is coming. I have been hit by lightning and have had to replace so much equipment. Do you have to do that with cable?

Everyone in the room that day when I said that: I've never shut anything down for a storm...

And so later that day, what should happen but that I was sitting here, at this very computer when out of the blue, a sound like someone was standing next to me with a shotgun aimed at me again I am hit by lightning. Thankfully my new TV was under the ole "no questions asked within 30 days" policy and my former Geek Squad daughter knew what to do to fix this computer (replaced Ethernet port FYI) and things could have been so, so much worse.

I told my mother about this and she asked me if I ever feel like I am walking around with a black cloud over my head. Up 'til then? Not so much. Now that she mentions it? Yeah, pretty much all the time.

So, is this officially Rock Bottom? I declare Yes, YES it is! And so up hill we shall climb. But not before I get you updated on how I got here. I promise (pending bizarre acts of nature) I will get back to that on my next post.


  1. Stumbled across this through Frog's blog.... I'm waiting to hear your story if that's any consolation prize. I get where you are. Feeling a bit like this myself post a 15 year marriage.... but I'm optimistic. Or trying to be!!!

  2. Thanks Dr. Wendy, that really does help. I'm trying to remember that I should keep writing even through the dark times.