Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Hard to Focus On Just Me...

...when I used to blog about 3 other people, 2 dogs, 2 goats and occasional cats.

Not to mention my garden. This is the first time in 30+ years I haven't had a garden to plan, plot, nurture, tend to. Then plant, weed, pluck and basically figure a way to keep the damn goats out of there.

I'm not asking for a garden at someone else's place. I'm not saying I necessarily need one. Maybe I do. Not here where I live though. I worry that my old asparagus patch has done nothing but been sent to fern. I wish I could have donated my finally fruitful blueberry bushes to someone who would have appreciated them.

Don't even get me started on how much I miss composting. I've done the city plot composting before and needless to say, I'm pretty sure my new-ish neighbors don't want me attracting rats.

I want to know how my crocus did, how my daffodils spread, how my Nanking Cherry bushes have fared during this unseasonably early spring. If the deer are eating everything, if the bird feeder is getting filled.

I want to know that everything I did in my life before has meaning...


  1. Oh Liz, it definitely does have meaning!

    But I know what you mean.


  2. Thanks Gina. I hope you are well.

  3. Have you read The Happiness Project? Yes, it's kitchy, but also there are some really simple things in there. (I think I turned sour on the book in the February chapter about love, but then I was back on track again and some things really stuck.) I just signed up (start laughing now) to go visit an ashram for a weekend retreat. Me. Ashram. Meditation? The girl that can't keep her mouth closed?!?! And I know people will laugh at me doing this. But it's for me, "Be Wendy". Harder than is sounds. But I'm figuring it out.

  4. Good for you Wendy. I'm really trying to figure it out too and you are right, it's not easy. I would give just about anything to be able to learn to meditate and quiet my mind down so there is no way I would laugh about that. I envy you and wish I could go too!

    One good thing about living downtown now is that I finally got my library card so I love getting book recommendations. I will definitely check out The Happiness Project when I take back the two books I have now. Thanks so much! And I would love to hear all about your weekend retreat!