Thursday, July 11, 2013

Still Waiting...

...although I am getting smart enough to realize that that good mojo is not happening any time soon.

Knowing that gives me some control over the situation.  I guess.

It's interesting, this world of ours. The things we notice from different perspectives are, well, different.  When I was part of a couple, I never realized how couple-centric everything was.  But hey, as a single woman, I notice it all...the 2-for-1 world we live in is so geared towards couples and dates and gahhhh...

I am increasingly becoming the third wheel in so many aspects of life.  From the lovely family beach photos on Facebook (which I am starting to resent...I mean really.  How many fucking pictures of your vacation at the beach am I supposed to look at and pretend that I am happy for you?  I sense a mass un-friending about to happen) to the ever insistent bargain deal at Applebees/Olive Garden/Friday's nastiness promoting shared apps and desserts.

I'm so tired of being surprised by all of this. I shouldn't be.  I've been single long enough to know all this.  But lately...lately it has been harder.  My single divorced girlfriend, who I had a ton-o-fun with has a new boyfriend and I never see her anymore.  Even my daughter who I love to hang out with a couple times a week has a new boyfriend.  At least he likes me and we get along great but I don't want to be that pity inclusion anymore.

The funny thing is...I don't want a boyfriend.  I want my fun girlfriends to hang out with again.

I might change my mind about that boyfriend thing.  Someday.  Once I find someone who can prove not all men are assholes.  I'm not that desperate to join the couples world.

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