Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Need Some Good Mojo

They say bad things come in threes.  Or is it celebrity deaths only?  I think it's all bad things so I am sticking with that.  Can they also come in multiples of threes?  Or like, say, three days/weeks/months/years in a row?

I need some good news.  Some good happenings.

On Mother's Day, I was walking with my daughter in sandals and in an unfamiliar part of town and while I was talking, I tripped over an uneven sidewalk and landed on my wrists and knees.  One knee split open and is taking forever to heal.  The other just bruised nicely.  My hands are another story.  They hurt like a sum'bitch.  I haven't had a chance to rest them at all.

I work in the flower shop, you may recall, and the past three weekends have been crazy what with First Saturday (Mayfest) in Frederick in which every merchant in town gave away a free flower in a "build-a-bouquet" progressive shopping deal.  Guess who opened all those boxes and cut in the thousands of flowers for the pleasure of being harassed all day for a fucking free flower from a Flower Shop.  Dudes, all those free flowers you have in your hot little hands?  Yeah, those ones right there...I touched every damn one of them but this here is our livelihood.  Shit here ain't free.  Go away.


Then there was Mother's Day and the beginning of wedding season the next weekend.  Plus, a funeral.

Then yesterday, after spending about 5 hours pulling weeds in the hops yard (by hand, lest we break any of the new growth) and just about crying from the pain in my hands, I got hit by a deer heading home= on a twisty county road in rural Pennsylvania.  And I know I had to have been squeezing the crap out of that steering wheel as I was sure that poor thing was being dragged under my car.  So yeah, more hands drama.

I finally got to the only service station in the area about 10 minutes after the accident.  I did inspect the car at the scene and to my surprise saw the doe running off in to the woods.  It didn't seem too bad until I got out again at the station and saw all sorts of things that had the potential to fly off the car on the highway home.  A very nice truck driver helped me bungee up the car and tomorrow I go for the estimate and probably a rental car.

Also, I did not win Powerball.

Wait, that is three.  Maybe I'm due for an upswing.

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  1. Ugh, that is indeed a string of suck! I hope things are getting better as we speak!