Sunday, December 8, 2013

Time. It gets away.

I think I have officially bored myself with this blog.  I feel like...grrrrrr

I feel like screaming.  And maybe throwing stuff too.

This fucking laptop just deleted everything I wrote and I have no idea what I did.


And now I'm afraid to get back so I will not try and remember what I wrote and will forge on...

My 24-year old daughter and I took an awesome road trip last weekend to, believe it or not, Cleveland, OH.  She won tickets to a Browns game so we drove up and had a leisurely weekend strolling the streets of downtown Cleveland and staying in a hotel (rather than my parents' house).  We managed to sneak in and out in between storms so the timing was perfect.

The Browns, however, continue to break our hearts.

Oh, and today we got 7.5 inches of snow.  While I was out watching the weekly heart-break that is my favorite team, someone came along and shoveled my sidewalk and walkway to my front door.  I have no idea who to thank for that but it was probably not the two drunk guys who offered to shovel a path for me while I was walking home this evening.

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  1. Write when you want to! You owe nothing to anyone but yourself!

    I'm glad someone did a kind deed for you, it's so nice to get those little surprises.